Giang Coffee and the story of the brand overcoming many ups and downs

Giang coffee is one of the “four pillars” of Hanoi coffee including “Nhan – Nhi – Di – Giang”. This brand is familiar to the people of Ha Thanh, a destination associated with many generations. Follow to discover the journey of development and build a famous coffee brand in the capital.


Facility 1: Alley 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Facility 2: 109 Yen Phu, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Price range: 25,000 VND to 50,000 VND

Opening hours: 07h00 to 23h30

Giang Coffee and the story of the brand overcoming many ups and downs 2

Giang Coffee Old Quarter is not busy, does not have a large facade, but still attracts a lot of customers

The story of Giang coffee must not be new, especially to Hanoians. But every time it is repeated, people have to admire a brand that has appeared since 1946, more than 70 years, serving many generations of Hanoians. The nostalgic street of Giang coffee does not cost a single penny for advertising, but the shop is still there, deeply rooted in the subconscious of Hanoians, attached to the people and history of the capital.

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During more than 70 years of construction and development, Giang has always been the most famous coffee brand in Hanoi, attracting both Hanoians and tourists. If you have the opportunity to come to the capital without visiting Giang coffee, it will certainly be a huge omission.

Giang Coffee and the story of the brand overcoming many ups and downs 3

Drinks bring memories of generations of Hanoians

Egg coffee was first born at Giang coffee, created by Nguyen Van Giang. The origin of this drink is when working as a bartender for the 5-star Sofitel Metropole Hanoi hotel, because there was a shortage of fresh milk for coffee, Mr. Giang thought of a way to try using eggs to make it. And from that experiment, created egg coffee that is loved by people to this day.

That rich coffee, when combined with the greasy egg taste, creates a very special taste and is well received by many people. By mid-1946, Mr. Giang decided to quit his job and open his own coffee shop, building his own brand, which perhaps at that time he did not expect the shop to achieve so much success.

When it first opened, the cafe was just a small temporary place, but then thanks to the support of customers, it gradually moved to a more spacious premises at 90 Cau Go. Around 1988-1989, when Giang died, his descendants split up and opened their own egg cafes.

Giang Coffee and the story of the brand overcoming many ups and downs 4

Uncle Hoa – Giang’s son, who directly inherits Giang coffee brand

Through many ups and downs of the times, until today, fortunately, Giang coffee still maintains its brand and taste. Every day, the address 39 Nguyen Huu Huan is always busy with customers coming in and out, both Vietnamese and foreign guests, not only coming to drink coffee but also coming to enjoy the old taste.

Giang coffee at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan is now opened by Uncle Hoa, the youngest son of Giang (old address at 7 Hang Gai). And Giang coffee at 106 Yen Phu belongs to Uncle Hoa’s brother and opened the door. Dinh coffee shop in Dinh Tien Hoang is owned by Uncle Bich, the second daughter of Mr. Giang. According to Uncle Hoa, “He taught all his children to have the same recipe, but if you are observant, you will realize that each taste in each restaurant is different, including the style of decoration, because of the sense and the receptivity. completely different from person to person.”

Giang Coffee and the story of the brand overcoming many ups and downs 5

Every day, the cafe is always busy with people coming in and out


In the past, the egg coffee dish, Giang only made hot. However, along with the development of the times, the trend has changed a lot, so the shop is developing more and more new flavors. Uncle Hoa is considered to be the direct successor of egg coffee from his father, but just one dish can hardly create a lasting vitality for a brand. So I made other dishes such as egg green beans, egg cocoa, egg beer, egg rum, egg cinnamon, egg matcha… Uncle shared: “I made it but I had to drink it before I could do it. And the guests are also very diverse, some even ask for yogurt and eggs. Uncle said no, he drank and his stomach hurt, what should I do?”

Giang Coffee and the story of the brand overcoming many ups and downs 6

The diversity of the menu helps Giang coffee to retain its appeal to this day

With the introduction of hundreds of beverage brands from all over the world into Vietnam, there are times when it seems that traditional brands will no longer have a chance to compete. But in fact, over the past 70 years, Giang coffee has never lost its firm position in the hearts of Hanoians. Even the attraction to tourists is increasing, both domestic tourists and international tourists.

Giang Coffee and the story of the brand overcoming many ups and downs 7

Giang Coffee still attracts diners of all generations

When asked if he was afraid that his traditional brand would not be able to compete in the current beverage market, Mr. Hoa shared: “Firstly, they are a big company with a recipe that hundreds of people have, and me. do heirloom nature, my secret no one has. Second, my price is too cheap compared to foreign drinks. Western coffee is close to one hundred thousand a cup, our family has twenty-five thousand, so there is nothing for you to worry about, son.”

Since Giang’s egg coffee was born until now, there has never been a big advertisement but mainly based on the good news from far away, so people spread it to each other. The taste of coffee here and the pleasure of sitting and sipping a cup of white coffee in a small shop, on a street corner, bring a sense of relaxation that is hard to find anywhere else.

Giang Coffee and the story of the brand overcoming many ups and downs 8

Lecture Coffee in Japan

After more than 70 years of preserving the brand that is only available in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, by the end of April 2018, Giang had a breakthrough that was “exporting” to Japan, in Yokohama, a port city about 30 miles from Tokyo. – 40 minutes by train. Each cup of egg coffee and egg cocoa is placed in a bowl of hot water to keep the drink warm just like the way it is served in Hanoi. The price of each cup of egg coffee sold in Japan is 480 yen (about 100,000 VND).

Giang Coffee and the story of the brand overcoming many ups and downs 9

Giang coffee space in the land of cherry blossoms

American television channel CNN once evaluated egg coffee that this is one of the most impressive specialties of Hanoi capital. Japan’s newspaper also reported on the opening of Giang cafe in the Land of the Rising Sun with the first establishment located at 78-3 Yamashita Street, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City. This page also has a beautiful description for Giang coffee “delicious egg coffee originating from Hanoi’s old quarter, Vietnam”.

In Hanoi, there are many places selling egg coffee. But nowhere has the same taste as Giang, what is lacking is experience, family secrets, spirit, and memories. Even during the time when the US-North Korea Summit was held in Vietnam, Giang’s egg coffee was also honored to be selected to serve more than 3,000 cups.

Coming to Giang, you will definitely experience delicious coffee flavors. Along with that is the national pride, the pride of 70 years of a pure Vietnamese brand that still retains a firm foothold in the market. Therefore, hopes that you do not miss the opportunity to sip this famous egg coffee during your exploration of Hanoi.

Tuyet Trinh

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